WFC Guatemala

WFC at the sailfishparade in Guatemala.

By Andre Huys

I, Andre Huys and my fishingmate Paul Derere, both members of Worldwide Fishingclub,went to Guatemala to check the stories about super sailfishfishing.We stayed in the Villa Vela and chartered for 4 days the “ Capt  Hook” with skipperRon Hamlin. Boat and skipper hold several worldrecords….

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For sails we fished with Shimano reels 20 and for the possibility of a marlin we got a Shimano 50 ready.Boat and crew were perfect.Fishingground was 50 NM offshore.(2 hours 15 runs)

2blue 0099_2

Our total result for the 4 days was:   – 2 Blue Marlins 250lbs tagged and released.

- Sailfishes:  79 raised

71 bites

57 released

42 tagged.

total of 59 billfish released in 4 days.

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We were 10 hours a day on the boat, running 5 hours to and from the fishinggrounds.So we could only troll 5 hours a day….The bites came every 20 minutes.This involved that the fisherman could not fight long his fish to bring him to the boat.

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The boat runs to the hooked fish. So, there is winning of time to catch bigger numbers and also, a short fight is better for a release in good condition. For the sport of fighting the fish this was a little negatif. After all it was a perfect trip.

Here included some more pictures or the fishing:

sailsails 001 sails 008 sails 010


Andre Huys

 April 2005

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