Watamu Kenya 2007

Andre Huys and Paul Derere in Watamu Kenya 2007

The plan is 3 days fishing and 3 days safari.
We stay in the Hemingways Resort and have chartered for 3 days the BS Nest,
a 35 feet Bertram with Capt Ali Al Harazi.


Day 1 -    19 02 2007.

The captain tells us that we have to go to the north of Malindi to find clear water.
Baitfish is difficult to find, and so we will troll with lures and stripes of fish mounted
on a small lure;

06H30 – start
07H40 – lines out north of Malindi
10H00 -  triple strike, 3 mahis landed
10H30 – sail landed, tagged and released
13H50 -  strike, big sail, hooked and lost
15H15 – sail landed, tagged and released
16H00 – lines in
16H35 – anchor

Day 2-      20 02 2007.

20 miles in sea, in front of Watamu, the water should be OK and that should
be a good fishingplace. We decide to go there.

06H30 – start
07H10 – lines in
07H20 -  big wahoo landed
08H15 – strike, big mahi, hooked and lost
08H45 -  yellow finn landed
08H00 – sail raised
10H10 2 bonitos landed
10H20 – 2 bonitos more landed
We start fishing with live bait
13H30 – we change to lures for fast trolling
14H45 – sail landend, tagged and released
16H10 – sail raised
46H30 – sail raised
16H45  – lines in
17H00 – anchor

quad 003

Day 3    21 02 2007.

The sea is more moving
We go for fast trolling and to search for the fish;
06H30 -  start
06H50 -  lines in
The boat rolls and stamps…
09H10 – Birds – we can catch live bait
09H20 – start fishing with live bait
10H10 – yellow finn 18Kg landed
1H00 -  black marlin raised, he hits with his bill the bonito but does not bite…
12H20 -  strike on downrigger – not hooked
12H45 -  start trolling with lures
13H45 – black marlin raised, does not bite….
15H40 – mahi landed
16H30 – lines in
16H45 – anchor

quad 014

Boat and crew extra.
The crew worked  hard, but it dit not luck…
The King of the Sea Neptune was not with us.
The next 3 days we got a fantastic safari.
During those 3 days our boat got super results….
The thirth day when we came in from safari, we saw our boat
coming in with: 1 black marlin; 2 striped marlins; 2 sails; 1 yellow finn 22Kg
and 1 baracuda … See the boat with the flags….

This is the difference between luck and a black period…
We hope that the luck will be on our side next time.

Andre Huys