Venuzuela – La Gaira 2004

Venuzuela – La Gaira 2004

I, Andre Huys, and my fishingmate Gilbert Lampens, has planned a 4 days fishingtrip to la Guaira. As the ” Veteransteam”, we are together 132 years young, we got very high expections for this trip, and secretely we hoped for a grand slam.

When we visited the marina on september 15, the day before our start, we got 2 big questions:

1. Our boat “Guarimba” a 45 feet Chris Craft with well know captain Pedro Salinas, got 1 engine heating up… For that we should change for the first day to ” Salitre” a 38 feet Bertram with an for us unknow catain.

2. Tomorrow we should fish just 4 days after the passage of huricane Ivan. Will the fishing- conditions be as good as normal, now the water is a lot warmer than normaly?

la guaira 014

16 september; day 1 Salitre – sea flat – 2 days after new moon. 09H00: start 10H00 start fishing 10H20 hook up white marlin – line broken 10H40 strike – sancochos – ( baitfish gone – just head remained) 11H05 strike baracuda – line cut of 11H45 large school of spotted dolphins around the boat 12H00 mini dorado landed and released 14H15 baby dorado landed 14H30 whale near the boat 16H15 we run in a large school of bonitos and catched severals and used tham as bait 16H20: sailfish landed and released 16H35: several sailfish raised but not hooked 18H45: back in the marina

Boat: well maintained but no bimini above lower deck Captain: OK, but when fighting the sail he went into reverse in an for us unjustified speed. Crew: by times uncertain.

18 september – day 2 ” Trachy Lady” The engines of Guarimba are still not repared… We decide to go for a half day swordfishing. Trough mister Henry from, we can charter the ” Trachy Lady” a 62 feet Viking, a 2 millions US $ beauty with 3000Hp.. 11H45 start 12H10:fishing- fast trolling for wahoo. 14H00: start swordfishing at 400m depth with mullet as bait 15H05 strike – 2h10 fight swordfish landed from 101,5 Kg New official Belgian record by Andre Huys 21H10: Champagne is flowing for celebration.

september 19 – day 3 – Magic dolphin.

Guarimba still not repaired… we change to “Magic Dolphin” an very old 42 feet Uni Fleet. 08H45: start 10H00: lines out 12H00: fishing for bonitos 13H05: white marlin landed and released 13H20: second white marlin landed an released 15H00:large group of big dolphins 17.00: stop fishing. PS: this boat is very dirty and STINKING….

la guaira 013

Septermber 20, day 4. “Albacora”

Guarimba still not repared………. We change to Albacora a 35 feet Bertram To day there is more wind and the sea is moving. Hopely a good day. 08H45 start 09H30: Mahis – don’t bite 10H00: lines out 12H10: white marlin landed and released. 12H16:white marlin raised 12H20 white marlin attacks teaser; teaser broken; deckhand jumps in the water to save the teaser – to late. 12H55:white marlin landed and released 13H35:white marlin strike- no hook up. 15H30: white marlin landed and released 15H55: white marlin raised 16H45: blue marlin , estimated at 200lbs landed and releaded 17H15: big bull mahi landed +/- 45 lbs.

la guaira 015

Good boat with perfect crew.

Total result: 1 swordfish 101,5 Kg new belgiam record by Andre . 1 blue marlin +/_ 100Kg landed and released. 1 sailfish landed and released 5 white marlins landed and released 3 mahi mahi landed don’t 1 mini released.

la guaira 009