By Andre Huys.

After the very successful trip from last year, Paul and I decided to try it again in Venezuela. We have a secret dream: after our grand slam and our double grand slam , there is only one result superior : a super grand slam….( 4 different species of billfish in 1 day). We have chartered for 5 days the “ Waterman “ that is an US-boat, a 47 feet Whiticraft with 900HP and airco, with well know captain Jimmy Grant.

La Guaira 2008 011

29 august 2008.

After a trip from 19 hours we arrive in Caracas. Our friend mister Roberto Solis picks us up at the airport and brings us to the Mango Marina. There we stay in Qta Nehyba. That is a perfect private guesthouse. The 4 biggame boats are docked on the end of the private garden. Qta Nehyba is not changed. Just same as last year, a small paradise with a friendly staff. We met Capt Jimmy Grant and Capt Bubba Carter, have a dinner and a ( couple ) of cola rums, and then, tired but hopeful to bed.

La Guaira 2008 018

30 august 2008.

We start at 07H30 – sea flat – and fish wit 4 X 30 and 2 X 20 lines. We use 2 teasers with octopus and one big artificial “ marlin” 1,20m. result: white marlin raised: 1 mahi landed: 3 mahi lost: 1 baracuda; 1 sancocho sail raised: 4 sail released 1 blue raised: 3 blue broken ; 1.

La Guaira 2008 020

31 august 2008

1 very big whale near the boat….. result: baby mahi: released White released: 1 Blue released; 1 Sail released: 1 GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!

La Guaira 2008 026

01 september 2008-09-06

In the morning no strike at all…. We decided to go for swordfish – 450m deep. result: 1 swordfish. start again trolling: result: 1 sail released 1 bonito landed.

La Guaira 2008 027

02 september 2008-09-06

result: sail raised: 5 sail released 4 mahi landed: 2 Blue 220Lbs on 20 lbs broken White raised: 1

03 september 2008-09-06 result: 1 BLUE 500lbs on 30 lbs line released. 1 hour fight – record by Andre 1 sail released 1 white released 1 baracuda landed 1 BLUE 275 lbs released by Paul GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!



La Guaira 2008 029


It was a fantastic week. Good guesthouse – good boat – super crew and captain – blue water – super light tackle. One negative point: the run of the white marlin was later this year….. Neptunus, the God of the Sea, gived us a lesson! We were sure to make the super grand slam…. He learned us that fishing is not like mathematics…..He gived us 2 times our grand slam, but waited to the next day to give us the swordfish for the super grand slam! What a lesson…. After all, it was a great time, THANK YOU NEPTUNUS;