Salmon fishing: blackwaterriver Ireland

Salmon fishing: blackwaterriver Ireland

In mid may 2005 the team of www.biggame-fishing .com went to Ireland to do some salmon fishing. The river we would be fishing on, flows through a town cold Ballyduffy. The river itself is named Blackwaterriver. Last year almost 900 salmon were caught by people who fished through Ian Powell, owner of the Blackwater lodge. We would sleep in a four persons cabbin near the lodge and the breackfast and dinners were used in the lodge. ( lots of bacon and eggs and of course house smoked salmon!) After a nice short flight from Amsterdam we arrived at Ballyduffy in the middle of the afternone. In some strange way the bar had a strong magnetic attention and a couple of bears followed. We spoke to Ian and we agreed we would be salmon fishing for five days and one day trout fishing at the river Nire and the river Suire. Licenses were arranged and expectations were hy. The first day we also had arranged a gillie named Gonnie. He was called King of the Blackwater,so that should be oke. The problem was however we saw our King till late at night drinking lots of beer. So the following day we fished with a hangover and the King didn’t know he was the King. First we would have to learn the famous Spey casting cause of the hy banks . Isn’t that easy!

Bart is told how to Spey cast and as we fined out this wasn’t that easy

That day we couldn’t catch a salmon but we saw them jumping around! The following days we tried very hard to catch a salmon on fly and we even let some of our principles behind by doing some spin casting. So the 3th day thijs caught a nice 6 pounds salmon on spinner1

6 pound salmon for Thijs.

This salmon was smoked at the lodge and we would eat it back in the Netherlands when we held our Ireland reunion.( and it tasted very nice!)

As I mentioned before we also flyfish for trout at the river Nire and the river Suire. Therefore we have to drive 45 minutes. By day we fished the lovely river Nire and in the evening the river Suire. At the Nire we caught severall brownies (except Bart, he was out of order by the Irish pints of beer.) The Suire was a little bit difficult but we saw trout rising. We had some bites on a streamer and had a nice time fishing

 Put with a nice brown trout on dryfly

All together we had a very nice time. We didn’t catch a lot of salmon but maybe next time. If you want to know more take a look at the following sites:

 For the salmon fishing. manager Ian Powell

 For the trout fishing. manager Andrew Ryan

 Greetings Leon Pennings