Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Bad Luck for the young veteransteam in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

By Andre Huys

We have chartered the “ Terminal Blues “ for 4 days. The boat is a Luhrs 32 feet with 2 X 375 HP. The time on the boat is 12 hours a day. The crew is capt Steven and 2 deckhands. We go for very big tuna and marlins. ( This is what we hope.)

puerto vallarta 041

Day 1 29 09 2006

07H00: start. 07H15: fulling tanks and buying baitfish ( 20 X goggle eyes). 07H40: out of the marina – full speed west 25Kn. 09H20: El Banco – lines in for bigger baitfish. ( skipjacks) 09H45: We have 8 skips 10H00: Lines in for the serious work. 1 skip on the downrigger 90 feet 3 skips and 1 goggle eye on the surface. 10H15: we trow a coin of 20 pesos into the water for luck…. 11H00: sail raised. 13H15: the dolphins attack our skips. we lose 3 skips. Just the heads remains. 13H25: we hear on the radio that an other boat has found the fish and we go full speed south. 13H40: lines back in. 15H45: Dolphins attack again our baitfish… 16H15: We change to lures for fast trolling. 16H30: Back in the marina. Today the watertemperature was 35° celcius ( 95° farenheit) TO HOT FOR GOOD FESHING.

Day 2 30 09 2006

06H15: Start. It is very dark and we go full speed. We are navigating on the radar. I hope there are no trees, trunks,coconuts or barrels floating….. 08H45: fishing for skips. 08H50: 7 X skips. 09H00: lines in. 09H15: Strike big YF. The deckhand takes his time to help my friend with the special standup harness. The line is running and smoking…. BANG – BROKEN…. 09H30: Pumps for the tunatubes broken. Half an hour repairs and all our skips dead. 10H00: fishing for skips. 10H30: ready and lines in. 11H15: strike Mahi, not hooked. 13H00: Sail landed and released.

13H45: big Sail landed. 14H00: big Sail landed. 15H45: start fast trolling with lures. 17H00: lines out. 08H45: Marina.

P.V. 2006 003

Day 3 02 10 2006

05H30: start. 08H10: Stop and fishing for baitfish. 08H30: lines in. 10H15: Marlin raised. He takes the bait, jumps and SPITS IT OUT….. 12H30: Dolphins attack our bait. The captain makes them afraid with the noise of the engines and by shooting with the signalpistol in the air. 13H20: New dolphinattack. All the baitfish gone. 1 dolphin hooked…. We block the reel and pull with the engine. The bandit is free. 13H25: Fishing for baitfish. The dolphins are still attacking. We go 5 Nm south full speed. 14H25: We try for the last time with livebait. 14H35: Strike Mahi, hooked and lost. 15H00: We start fishing very deep. 16H15: Big bull mahi landed. 17H00: lines out. 19H00: Marina.

P.V. 2006 008

Day 4 03 10 2006

07H30: start. 10H00: Fishing for bait. 10H15: lines in. 10H45: Mahi landed. 13H40: change to lures. 14H45: 5 striped marlins on the surface. 4 males and 1 female ( with the big fin). they are just interested in SEX and do not bite…… 16H30: We go full speed to an other place. 16H45: lines in. The tunas are jumping for flying fish… Are not interested in our skips and goggle eyes…. 17H45: line out. 19H00: Marina.

P.V. 2006 012

Conclusion: I do not know if Puerto Vallarta is a good fishingplace or not. Perhaps we got the real bad luck. The water was to hot, that is a fact. ( 95°F). But the distances to the fishingplaces are very long. ( 50Nm). The gangs of the dolphins, real bandits steeling bait, is also negative. The hotels are OK, the marina is OK, the charterfleet is OK, and the accomodation around the marina is OK.

But we do not give up: Gilbert has plans for Tropic Star in Panama, and I have plans with Paul for Hemmingways Kenia.