Pigeon Point, March 2004

Pigeon Point, March 2004

Today was the opener of the salmon season below Pigeon Point. I am sure there were many a restless night’s sleep on Friday as everyone was full of anticipation of the season opener. While heading down to the harbor this morning I saw the big moon shining off the ocean which was a signal to me for a smooth day of sailing. After the coffees and swapping a few stories we were underway and heading south. The trip heading south was great. Weather and seas were calm and we were able to make full speed taking under two hours to get to our destination.

Peat's Limit

Listening on the radio on the way, I heard some of the boats talk about “one here and one there.” Then a private boater named Ken came on the radio telling us of a wide open bite. I was just a couple of miles above him and my course was right on target! So when we got to the neighborhood and started to slow down everyone was set and ready with the fever of hooking up!!

Getting the gear set and making sure that no one was tangled right off the bat, both Zack and I were busy helping get everyone in the water. Well, we got all of the gear set with no action for about ten minutes. Then I hear “FISH ON!” from one of my good regular customers Jim!! Emerging from the cabin I see his rod thumping with a fish! Then I look and see another rod take off! I love krill fishing with multiple hookups!

After landing those two we were busy with getting things set and then another quad starts ripping lines! TOTAL PANDIMONIUM!! Lines going over and under and everyone scrabbling to either get out of the way or get to their pumping rod!! I worked right along side Zack, my deckhand, who was a trooper helping keep things straight. One of the things I really like about my boat, the Riptide, is the stern steering station so I can be right out in the middle of the action – making bait, steering, giving advice, coaching, untangling and scooping fish! I love to be in the middle of all of the action! Scales were flying, fish were screaming line off reels, people were trying to keep up with their fish flopping on the deck while others were putting their lines back in the water to hook another one – all while those who did not get a bite wait their turn! And they did not have to wait long! At one point, we had up to 6 fish on at once!


Around 10:30 we were down to the last fish and boy was I glad! I was covered in fish scales, slime from the fish, bait juice and one heck of a lot of sweat!! We were ready to head home! Upon looking at the fish box there was no room for any more fish! They were spilling over onto the deck! We probably had about a 10 pound average. I think a total of about 10 shakers. We ended the day with 18 limits of some really scrappy fresh fish! I know there will be some full bellies tonight and many of my passengers heading to bed early from their morning workout!

If the rest of the season is anything like this amazing beginning we are in for a great season!

Thanks everyone and let’s make it a whopper of a year! Tight lines!

Capt. Smitty

Riptide Sportfishing & Whale Watching