Mauritius December 2000

Mauritius December 2000.

I privately chartered “Chico” for half a day. It’s 6 pm and still pretty dark. There is a 6 beaufort strong wind. De waves of the ocean hit the reef. Like canonshots.

The crew hesitates to go out, we carefully have to pass the reef. We decide to go out and go for it! We’re looking for birds. We see the birds and it looks they’ve gone mad by the wind and the big waves. They are very active.

There: Fregatbirds, hunting the flying fish, and beneath Mahi, Mahi! We’ve got em!

Later we see seaguls, hunting for sardinnes, and there are the tuna! Hit them–> tight lines!

10.00, strike again, big Martin, Hooked up, run of 150m, first, second and third jump, lost em, grrrrr!!!!*&@$

13.00 half mile before the reef, strike with Marlin, fight, and landed

13.30 back in the lagune, painful arms, but very proud on the results!!! A day never to forget.

Andre from Belgium

mauritius 7 h vissen