Mauritius: Belgian Championship 2006

Mauritius: Belgian Championship 2006 

By Andre Huys

8 Teams off 2 fishermen will take part on the competition.
We have chartered 8 boats for 5 days.
The teams will fish every day on a different boat.
The program is: 25/3 presentation off the teams , the organisation , the crews ,
and distribution off the boats.
26 – 27 29 -30 – 31 will be the fishing days.


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My team is called ” the Young Veterans” and consist off myself Andre Huys
and my fishingmate Gilbert Lampens.

For the complete rapport off the competition, please see the website of BGF,
the Belgian Big Game Federation on

Here the rapport off my team:

26/03/06  -  Boat  Zazou II
07H00: start
07H20: lines out
11H30: light strike on 130 – not hooked
13H15: Bonito landed on 30.
16H00: lines in.

27/03/2006 – Boat Zazou III
07H00 start
07H10 lines out
10H15 dubbel strike on 50 and 2 skipkacks landed.
14H50 strike on 130 – 25 min fight and YF 163Lbs landed by Andre.
16H00 lines out.

29/03/ 2006  Boat Flipper VII
07H00 start
07H10 lines out
12H15 skipjack landed on 50.
12H25 skiipjack landed on 80
16H00 lines in.

30/ 03/2006  Boat Tora Tora IV
07H00 start
07H10 lines out
07H35 strike on 130 – not hooked
08H40 strike on 130 – 10 min fight and spearfish 35lbs landed by Gilbert -new belgian record.
16H00 lines in.

31/03/2006  Boat Tora Tora I
07H00 lines out
12H50: small whale near the boat.
14H00: birds diving and delphins jumping and hunting – No strike.
16/00 lines in.

mauritius 018



Our team had only a few strikes.
We were lucky to land the big YF and the spearfish new belgian record….
For the group of the championship the result is:
1 blue marlin
4 big  YF
2 spearfish
and a lot off smaller gamefish: mahi – bonito – skipjack – dorado etc…
It was a good competition – just a pitty that the large groups off YF did not arrived thar week.


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Andre Huys..