Marlin Mayhem, Gran Canaria

By Linda Flanner

Gran Canaria big game charter fishing specialists Lynda and Paul Flanner took time out from the hectic schedule to enjoy a busman’s holiday in Puerto Rico for the annual big game competition. As you will see , it proved a worthwhile trip when the returned with this magnificent 604lb blue marlin.


The fist day of the competition saw Paul hook into the monster marlin, which took over 20 minutes to land on 130lb class tackle. Lynda described the adrenalin pumping action:

“ when you see such a huge creature hit the lure and then hear it ripping hundreds of yards of line off the reel in a matter of seconds, it’s a mind blowing experience!”

When the fish was brought to the boat, the decision was then made to keep the fish, which is not something that they commonly practice, but they had earlier agreed to donate a fish to the local children’s home in Las Palmas.

However, the trip wasn’t quite over yet! There captain for the day Antonio Deniz advised that there were more blue marlin working the area and there would be a good change of landing an even bigger specimen.


Sure enough, the lifetime experience started again! This time Lynda took the chair for there first ever attempt at landing a big blue. After an hour long battle involving both mind and muscle, the fish was finally coaxed to the boat where it was estimated to be around 350 kg, which is roughly 780lbs. This time the decision was made to tag and release the fish, as they already had a fish for generous donation. This 780 pounder would give them an extra 150 points for the competition and with a point per pound system for the fish brought ashore , they would have a clear lead of 420 points over there nearest rivals.

However, all catch and releases must be video taped and photographed for evidence, but unfortunately for Lynda, the video packed up at the most crusial point when the fish was brought alongside the boat.


So the lack of video footage cost the pair the winner’s spot in the competition, but Paul did get there third place for his blue marlin and Lynda will get her prized tag and release certificate from the Billfish Foundation!

Greetings Linda Flanner

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