March 2005 – sailfishcatastrophe at Dubai

March 2005 – sailfishcatastrophe at Dubai

By Andre Huys

dubai 2005

In December 2003 we were fishing in Dubai and landed a lot of big barracudas.
This period we were to early for the sailfish and catched only 1 sail.
Mister Andy Demare, the owner of the boats, told us that the sails come in big lots
from February to march.

In summer 2004 we contacted Andy and asked for the best moment of the sailfishrun.
The answer was: first days of march, and he told us also that the statics of the last 3 years
says that on march 1 a minimun of 500 sails were released every year.
So we booked for the first week of march 2005.
When we arrived we took contact with Andy to know how the fishing was.


Till this day, all the boats together, released just 2 TWO sails…..
This year the sails did not come.
We fished only 2 days and releaded 1 baby-sail and catched +/- 10 small barracudas.
That’s all……..

The reason of that bad result should be the construction of the Palm-Islands.
A construction of over 100Km artificial coastline. Of course, that change the currents –
also the captain told us that this year the water was to cold….. and also that there is an
overfishing and killing of sails on the Iran border.
So, that was it…

dubai 05

Dubai is a very nice and beautiful place. the fishing for sails was fantastic till last year.
Now, we can just hope that the actual situation should be temporary.

Before booking again, we wil first take information….

.Andre Huys