by Andre Huys

We have chartered the «  Katherinne B ».
That is a Nelson 40 feet, former Royal Navy gunboat that has been rebuild as a biggamer.
Skipper is the wellknown Igfa Capt Peter Bartow.
He has over 40 years experience and has a great reputation for catching granders.
He fished Australia, the Pacifique and now Madeira.

madeira 008

Day 1: July 29.

There is only 1 deckhand on the boat.Courious what will happen when a grander has to
be landed, tagged and released????
Start: 10H00
Lines out: 10H10
We fish with 4 X 130ST with big lures from different colours
1 X 20 for dorado or spearfish
no teasers.
12H10: dolfins
12H55: Pampeno landed +/- 2,5 Kg
17H00  Lines out
No marlinstrike today.

madeira 014

Day 2: July 31

Start: 10H00
Lines out: 10H10
14H50: birds and dolphins
15H45: pampeno landed +/- 2 Kg
17H00: lines out.

 Day 3: August 01

Start: 09H40
Lines out: 09H50
14H00: on the fishfinder we see the baitfish and the tunas
under the boat. The marlins should be there….
Does not bite.
17H00: lines out.
To day: nihil.

madeira 028

Boat; crew and tackle: extra.
Madeira : is expensive
is the nearest place to Europe to catch a grander
but: here they only raise 1 marlin in a week….

The “ Katherinne B “ raised only 9 marlins from end april to 01 august,
and, that boat should be the best on Madeira…

There are other places in the world, where the blue marlins are not so big,
but where you are +/- sure to have 5 a 6 shots a day from blues that are not
so big; whites; sails; mahis; baracudas; wahoos etc…

It is up to the fisherman to know what he wants, perhaps 1 grander in a week
and nothing else, or smaller gamefish 5 a 6 shots a day.
For my next trip, I have taken my decision.

 Andre Huys