By Andre Huys

After the sailfishparade from last year in Guatemala I decided to go to the Pacific for the third time. So my fishingmate Paul Derere and myself have chartered the 42 feet “Spanish Fly” with capt Daniel Ezpinoza, that operates out off Los Suenos. We wil fish 3 days and this time we do not go for the maximum of sailfish, but our goal is to make a pacific grand slam. – 3 different pieces on the same day with choice out: bigeye tuna –yellowfin tuna –bluefin tuna and any kind off billfish. Indeed, that is the dream off all biggamefishermen… We are hopefull but know that this dream is very difficult…

B K 009

Day 1 – 28/04/2006.

Trough the raining off the last days the water is not so blue as we hoped, and so we decided to make our chances by fishing with livebite. 07H00: start and we go to the reef in front off Quepos +/- 140 feet deep. 07H55: lines out. 08H00: bonitos, so we have livebite. 08H15: small mahi landed and released. 08H35: small mahi landed and released. 08H45: bull mahi landed 08H50: bull mahi landed 09H00 2X small mahis landed and released 09H05: rainbow runner landed that we will use as livebait 09H15 : bull mahi landed 09H55: sail hooked and lost 10H00: big sail landed and released 10H15: dubbel strike mahi, 1 landed and released – 1 line broken 11H00: sail landed and released 11H20: big wahoo landed 11H25: very big sail landed and released. est plus 60 kg, new belgian record by Paul 11H50: strike: ????lost 12H00: No more livebait – are looking for bonitos 12H40: small mahi landed and released 13H20: OK bonitos 14H15: sail raised 15H00: big sail landed and released 15H20: lines in 16H15: marina

B K 018

Day 2 – 30/04/2006

To day we go for trolling. 07H00: start. we go north, offshore off Capo Blanco. 08H00: lines out -depth 6.000 feet. 09H15: sail landed and released. 11H30: strike on 25/100 line… Striped marlin 70 min fight smooking reel… cooling the reel and the fisherman with water, putting ice in his neck. 12H40: striped marlin landed, tagged and released.. est plus 80Kg, new belgian record by Paul 13H30: Birds diving and dolphins hunting… The YF have to be here…. We cross 10 times and NO bite….CRRR With a YF we should have our grand slam…….. 14H00: sail raised 15H25: lines in 16H15: marina

B K 023

Day 3 – 02/05/2006

Yesterday our boat raised 14 sails 45 miles south off Los Suenos. We decide to go to that place. 07H00: start 08H45 lines out and start trolling 11H10: sail raised 11H25: sail landed and released 11H40: sail raised 11H55: sail landed and released 13H45: sail raised 14H20: mahi strike and lost 14H30: strike mahi – not hooked 14H50: YF landed 15Hoo: big bull mahi landed 15H40: lines in 16H50: marina

B K 025

Total result: very good new boat. super tackle crew: extra

We have landed: 1 striped marlin 7 sails 1 wahoo 1YF 11 mahi mahi 1 rainbow runner After all, not so bad, but if we got our YF 1 day before, then we got our grand slam….

B K 039

B K 043

We will try again next time….

Andre Huys