Kenya 2011

Kenya 2011, by Andre Huys

In 4 days we fished the Belgian Championship. Every day on an other boat. The boats are moored in Malindi and Watamu. My team consists of Marin Das and myself.

There was a very strong wind and super high waves…

26/01: Boat POPPI out of Malindi. We landed 6 bonitos – 1 bararcuda – 1 king fish of 12 Kg and 1 sail that we tagged and released. Nice boat; good crew and super equipment

27/01: Boat ALBATROSS out of Watamu. We landed 3 sails all tagged and released. Beautiful boat – good equipment and good crew.

28/01: Boat ECLAIR out of Watamu. We landed 2 YF – 6/8Kg. That boat needs a very big cleaning for the interior. Extra crew and old equipment.

29/01: Boat TINA out of Watamu. We landed tagged and released 1 sail. Any thing on board on the right place and ready to use.

Good crew and equipment OK. It was a special competition…. Wind and waves!!! Most boats raised several marlins. We did not find any marlin… We ended on place 5.

Next year we hope for some more luck. The most important points are for marlin….. And those marlins, we did not see them. But that is fishing.

Kenya 2011 057-1

Kenya 2011 054-1

Kenya 2011 033-1