Flyfishing the rivers “Olef “ and “Urft “germany

Flyfishing the rivers “Olef “ and “Urft “germany

By Leon Pennings

Through the hot days in July I went on a holiday together with my family. The area ‘’the Eiffel” is well know by the Dutch fly fisherman for its trout fishing. You can choose different rivers but I would fish the Olef and the Urft each for one day. In Germany you have to buy two fishing permits. One for the whole country. This one you have to buy at the city Hal but don’t forget your picture! It will cost you about 10 euro. Then you need a permit for each section of the river you’ll fish in. You have to do some research were you can buy those but usually the local people know were to get them. The prise will be between 10 till 25 euro a day.

River Olef


Day 1:

The first day I would fish the Olef. This stretch is about 11km and includes also two creeks. Unfortunately the water level was to low to fish those. The Olef however always has a constant water level and temperature because its water comes from a large lake. Also rainfall doesn’t effect the fishing. The stream is about 4 meters wide and not to deep. Wading is not a problem and a short aftma 3 rod with floating line should do the job. I started fishing with the dry fly because I saw some nice yellow may flies flying around. This didn’t work and it took me a while to get used to the river. Because of the sun mostly all the trout were under trees and hiding under rocks. I hiked the whole stretch and fished the end of some nice pools with pheasant tail nymphs. This only brought me 3 little brown trout. I decided to have lunch in a little village and after one hour I started fishing again. Now I used a little BWO and fished it very close near the bank beneath the trees. Not that easy but it worked a lot better. Now some nice brown came along who couldn’t resist the fly. I also spotted some nice rainbow ( in the 30 cm range) but I didn’t manage to hook one of those. Too easily spooked. In the evening it al went a lot better. The river became much more alive and now I saw some trout started rising at some sedges. Pools were I didn’t see a fish during the day now hold some 6 to 8 trout. But catching them was a different story. You really have to use a tipped of 0.10 and flies not bigger then hook sice 16. This brought me some nice fish mostly all browns. But also some nice rainbows till 35 cm were caught at my dry flies. I fished till 9p.m. before I went back again. I really had a nice time fishing. The trout were very selective in picking there flies and not easily caught! This system mostly hold wild brownies and only a few rainbows who were put in. In the end I caught some 35 trout mostly during the evening.

Day 2:

The second day I would fish the Urft. This one is totally different from the olef. This section is about 6 km in length, much wider and the casting is much easier. I read they had a problem with the cormorants ( birds) who had eaten a great part of the trout population. I started fishing in the lower part of the river and fished a big nymph upstream. In this part I only had one take from a big brown about 40 cm. Took some pictures before releasing it.

Releasing a nice sice brown


When I arrived at the middle part of the stretch, trees were more common and with them the important shade and hiding places for the trout. One minor point is that it flows right through a town cold “ Gemund” and there are lots of people walking beside the river. Standing on a bridge searching the river for trout I saw a fish taken a dry fly. And this was not a little fish! Controlling my desperate need of catching this fish I stood there for about half an hour just watching this big pool. There were at least 8 rainbows in this pool. They, for as far I could guess, should be at least 50+ cm. What a sight! This could become difficult with my aftma 3 rod. First off course I had to lure them to take one of my flies. I decided to fish a little peasant tail slowly down stream in a dead drift. This didn’t work but at least I didn’t spook them! What should be my next move? I saw them taken dry’s. I carefully got out of the water and fished different types of dry’s upstream with no result! They still weren’t spooked as far I could tell so I decided to watch them again from the bridge. I saw some fish constantly moving from right to left from there lying place. They had to take nymphs or some small bottom fish like a muddler. I choose the last option. I put an imitation off a muddler at the end of the line ( which I still had from my trip in British Colombia) and carefully got in the river again. Because I had watched the fish, I new there lying places. I casted at what I suspected was the biggest rainbow and as soon as the fly hits the water I saw the fish coming towards it but missing the fly?! Second cast a little bit more toward the fish and bang he was on! He went all over the pool and put my leader to the limit. But I managed to land him and took some pictures before releasing him. What a nice sice rainbow and what a fight. This rainbow was 56 cm in length and in beautiful condition. The fish were still feeding and I managed to catch 2 more with the same fly!! All in the 50+ category. Further upstream I had some more fish but smaller. Nice day of fishing!

Nice rainbow released


Comparing both rivers for me the Olef was the prettiest one. Here you find mostly wild brownies and they’re not easy! The Urft however holds bigger fish but they’re put in by the local fishing club. For me this always is a minor point together with lots off people walking beside the river. But that’s personal!

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