Fly fishing in Croatia

Fly fishing in Croatia   


In august 2005 the team of went to Croatia to do some fly fishing for brown trout and grayling. Trough the internet we found the web page of a true flyfisher named Mislav. We contact him and made our reservation for one week fishing and also for the sleep/eat accommodation. We flew 1 1\2 our from Amsterdam airport to Zagreb. There we rented a car and made a 2 our drive to a nice village named Belo. This village of 6 houses is located near the river Kupa. Here we met Mislav and his wife Annemaria for the first time. They gave us a warm welcome and showed us where we would sleep and after that we drunk our well deserved first beer.

Our base camp for a nice week of trout fishing to come!

Mislav told us we had the choice of four different rivers. This made a total of 40 km fly fishing water! We only had one problem and that was the rainfall. Because of this the river Kupa was unable to fish and the only opportunity was the river Kupica. We agreed Mislav would be our guide next day and after a nice dinner made by annemaria and a few beers by the fire place we went to sleep.

The fire place is always a good place to hear some fishing stories!

The following day Mislav drove us to the river Kupica and we really had a great time fishing! The water wasn’t that clear but we tried the nymph fishing and there were a few trout and grayling rising for our dry flies. In the afternoon Boris, a friend of Mislav and chairman of the local fly fishing club, joined us and he also showed us the different ways to fish this river. After a good day of fishing we went back to the house were Annemaria already prepared us a wonderful dinner! Those evening by the fire place all kinds of fishing stories were told by Mislav and Boris. We agreed Mislav, Bart and I would fish the upper part of Kupa river in the national park the following day.This part would be clear and not effected by the rain fall. We had a good night sleep and after a nice breakfast we arrived after a one hour drive to this wonderful part of the river Kupa! We were totally in the middle of nowhere! By the warden we got our licenses and the three of us went fishing.

 Great river, great fishes!!!!

 We all had a great time fishing. The trout and grayling were rising on our small cdc sedges. Grayling of 35 cm were very common even as the brown trout caught on our flies. In the evening a kind of fog came above the river and made the fishing even more beautiful!

 Our guide in action in this mistic fog!!

 The next couple of days were even getting better and better. We learned through Mislav, Boris and of course our selves how to fish the different types of river and what flies to use. For the last part we had to spy on Mislav’s fly box. ( we made a picture with a telescope lens were NASA would be proud of )

Secrets reveled!! ( sorry Mislav )

 It really is great fun catching nice size brown trout ( biggest was 42 cm ) and grayling   (biggest was 43 cm ) on little black and green cdc sedges. Our aft. 3 rods were just fine for the dry flies, but nympfing was better with a aft. 5 rod. The grayling, especially at Kupa river, can be very selective. You will see plenty of fish rise but it can take your whole fly box for a bite!!

Typical red spot behind pectoral vin

Only grayling of these waters have them

 We realy had a great time fishing these waters and we enjoyed the company of Mislav and his wive Annemaria. Boris thanks for the lessons in entomology and we will see you next time!!

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