Fly fishing 2003

Fly fishing for brown trout, rainbows and grayling. 

In July 2003 the team of went to the beautiful river the Ybbs

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This river flows near the Italian border deep in Austria. The team, Bart Alders, David van Putten, Thijs Risseeuw and myself (Leon Pennings) arrived after a ten hours drive from Amsterdam, in a little town called Opponitz

We planned a five days fishing trip in different parts of the river. And with a little luck we could even fish in a little side stream (the little Ybbs). There we could expect plenty of trout and really big ones!! However, we had to become our fishing licenses from the mayor himself. And he only gives 60 licenses a year! So that could be a little problem.

The team team

We rented an apartment in hotel Kirchenwirt for one week and every morning we could expect a very nice breakfast. In the evening we had dinner outside in the garden together with the wines chosen by the owner. The little bakery store in the centre of Opponitz, managed by der Fransel, provides the fishing licenses. He is also an excellent fly fisher and knows all the good spots and flies. They prefer catch and release, but it is possible to take some trout with you.

Nice brown trout for Bartje!

As I mentioned before the Ybbs is really a very beautiful river and has different ways in how you have to fish. Some parts have deep pools and are fast streaming. Other parts are slow streaming and hold deeper water. There is even one part where you can fish by belly boot. But the whole river is crystal clear and contains good insects for our beloved trouts.

In July the river has not that many water so the trout can be very spooky. The best time would be in springtime. You can try all sorts of fishing. All four of us caught many trouts on dry flies, streamers and of course the nymphs were very successfully. Standard patterns of sedges will do and after rain the streamers were working just fine!!

David in action

I think this river is perfectly managed by Frans Rosenberger. The trout does never see lots of fishermen, for their will never be more then 2 people, in each of the 8 parts of the river, in one day. You can expect normally sized browns, rainbows and Graylings. But there are also swimming some big ones around. So you will never know what will attack your fly. The river has some excellent dry fly fishing and the evening rises can be spectacular!! Lots of sedges will make the trout go crazy and even the big ones will rise at your dry cdc sedge.

Thijs before catching a brown trout

We all caught rainbows which will approach the 60 cm (some 40 inches for our English readers). And that on our dry flies!! There is one miner point: the river is not one of the cheapest.

nice rainbow for myself!!

After a good evening together with the mayor we even had four licenses to go fishing in the little Ybbs!! Also a beautiful river but is harder to fish. This is more of a stream with lots of vegetation beside. But never the less, we could catch our fish and had great time fishing. Good size rainbows and grayling!! (Also this part is not that cheap!)

All together it is really worth while fishing in this beautiful river and I am really looking forward to our next trip!

Leon Pennings

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