Ecuador since 1998

Greetings from America!

I am most pleased to attached several pictures from the past few years of my fishing trips to Salinas Ecuador. I have been lucky enough to be the guest (paying) of Mr. Erik Holst of Pesca Tours. They have their own Web site –

I have gone fishing to Ecuador every year since 1998…first with my Brother and my Nephew (my Brother’s Son) and then the last three years with friends from the Washington DC area – Vic Accrocco and Ned Kauffman.

The boat we have always fished on is one of five available from Pesca Tours in Salinas…prices range according to the size boat. The China Linda (beautiful Chinese) is a converted trawler and the biggest of Erik’s fleet. You should check with Erik for prices for 2004. He will happily arrange total package tours that include boat and meals on the boat, hotel, and ground transportation to and from Guayaquil where you would fly in. Most of the tackle is 50 pound rated. They have one 80 pound rig. Almost always, they use rigged ballyhoo with a skirted lure in front to help attract by making noise and bubbles and to help keep the ballyhoo from breaking up. It is all provided for you.

They always have breakfast ready to eat when we reach the boat from shore by dinghy. Mid-morning we have sandwiches or hot dogs. Lunch is what we have caught that morning or a recent days catch plus Andean onions, tomatos, rice, peas, etc. There is always Coca Cola and beer. Beverages are extra cost (not expensive) and the meals are at a cost of $10 per person per day. There are quite a few restaurants along the beach road that serve good food. There is a hotel and casino along the road.

Ecuador’s currency has been the US dollar for the past four years, which makes it easy for us Yanks. Restaurant meals are VERY reasonable and very good. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!!! Besides, beer and Coke are just fine!


This is the China Linda – Our Boat. It is 42 feet long and very
comfortable and has a very good crew. It is the boat Erik fishes on. It is
slow, but we have lines in the water about 20 minutes out from the beach.


This is my biggest ever in Ecuador. It was caught in 1999 and is a
Pacific Blue Marlin of 515 pounds. With it is my “smaller” one at 233
pounds. I caught the big one before lunch. I had just put my last fork of
lunch in my mouth when the second one hit the lure.


2000. I caught four Striped Marlin in the four days -
these are two of them. We often sight 12 to 15 a day cruising on the
surface. Maybe 4 to 6 of them show interest and we get maybe half of those
to the boat. By the way, we always charter the boat for four straight days. One of
the days we set out VERY early for offshore underwater mountains that come
to within 30-40 feet of the surface from water that nearby is over 1000 feet
deep. It is a great place for Wahoo! All the rest of the time we are 20 to
35 miles off shore in often over 14,000 feet of Pacific Ocean.  It is very
definitely OCEAN!

017-Really Getting Full

Really Getting Full is the best day we have had for Wahoo. I think
we had 13 of them the one day. VERY good eating on the boat.

081-View from Condo

View from Condo is the view from the condo we stay in that belongs
to Erik’s family. It is across the beach road from the beach and about 150
feet from the offices of Pesca Tours. Departure down the beach to the dinghy
is right across from the offices. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES THAT


Ned Kauffman’s 96 pound Wahoo being brought into the boat in 2002.


Ned next to his Wahoo and Vic next to his 145 pound Striped Marlin.


2003 (last October) showing the crew bringing in my 327 pound
Pacific Blue Marlin. I got it to the boat in about 35 minutes – the last 25
feet took about 15 of those minutes.


The fish that Vic and I caught on the last day last October:

Vic’s 93 pound Pacific Sailfish
My 110 pound Striped Marlin
My 327 pound Pacific Blue Marlin
Vic’s 95 pound Striped Marlin
Vic’s 138 pound Striped Marlin

N-AStriped is Ned with his 130 pound Striped Marlin and me (Alan) with
my 135 pound Striped Marlin on day three., I guess you can tell that I believe there is no finer and cheaper
place to go in all the world than to Salinas Ecuador with Pesca Tours. There
is another charter service that charges at least double what Erik Holst
charges. It gives you a fancier room and boat, but I never cared about that.
I want a GOOD CHANCE at Marlin and I don’t want to pay a king’s ransom to do
it. And, obviously, I have had GREAT SUCCESS!!!