Welcome Andre,

We welcome our latest customer from Belgium, hope you enjoy the DVD!

Below are some pictures and some very helpfull info of Andre during one of his many Biggame Fishing Trips. He’s planning for a new adventure in Bonaire, fishing in the same boat as the Team of biggame-fishing.com did before. Good Luck and TightLines !!!

Mauritius: Boatname  “CHICO” at the hotel Saint Geran. Boat:very good Crew: very good.

Fish: Big Blue Marlin, and many mahi mahi, also tuna.

Bali: Boatname  “SIMONNE” Boat: small Crew: not super.

Fish: not to many Comments: do not go there!

Phuket: Boatname  “Reelhooker” Boat: good  Crew: good.

Fish: Sailfish and many others

Mexico, Playa de Caremen: Boatname  of Capt. Rick Fleet  Boat: good Crew: good.

Fish: Sailfish, white marlin, baracuda, whao, tuna

Spain, Benalmadena: Boatname  “Luna IV”  Boat: light new boat, good material. Crew: only a shiper.

Fish: ??? Comments: does not fish, do not go there!

Dubai: Boatname  “Ocean Luhrs” and “Ocean Explorer”, Luhrs is the best one!  Boat: OK Crew: OK.

Fish: OK, Sailfish and Baracudas

St. Maarten: Boatname  “Taylor Made”  Boat: it´s a wreck!!! Crew: dangerous!!!, do not go there!

“ZING” extra boat, winner tournament.

” Big Sailfish II” extra boat – French capt.

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