Cran Canaria 2004

I, Leon Pennings from left for a fishing trip in the waters of Gran Canaria. This is one of the 5 islands for the coast of Africa. They still are connected to the Spanish nationality.


I left at Friday the 10th  of January. This means it is not really the season for the heavy big game stuff, but we could catch stingrays up to 350 lbs. Also a challenge I would say.

The big game season starts in May up to August. Fish such as big eye tuna, dorado, wahoo and the king of the blue waters, the blue marlin,  can cross your path. Last year a blue marlin from proximally 900 lbs was successfully released from the blue marlin 3 of captain Hans Kruit who caught this fish on a trolling lure.

So we left early in the morning after we were picked up from our hotel. We fished with 6 people on board with 30 lbs rods and Senator Penn reels from the blue marlin3 charter boat. Our captain was Hans Kruit from the Netherlands. He has been fishing these waters for years now, so that could not be the problem.

After 25 minutes we reached some kind of drop off and we started bottom fishing with half a mackerel on our hooks. Each of us managed to catch one or several rays. All were released and the bigger ones were even tagged. Douwe, also from the Netherlands landed a stingray from 120lbs after a fight of 1.5 hours and his friend landed a 170 lbs stingray after a fight of 2.5 hours. We fished from 9.00 until 15.00 hour and caught 15 rays.

stingray_leon ten4

I had a great time fishing these waters so I would like to thank captain Hans and his crew. For more information, Hans and Maria Kruit

I Hoped you liked this story,

Leon Pennings