COSTA RICA – Pacific – November 2004

COSTA RICA – Pacific – November 2004

09 November

After a very long and unconfortable day of 25 hours traveling – we took 3 planes Brussels-Madrid-Guatemala-Costa Rica, we arrived at San Josee. There we got a nice and modern hotel: the Real Intercontinental.We, that is myself Andre Huys – my wife – my daughter and her friend Koen Popeliere, who makes his first fishingtrip.

We come to Costa Rica for 3 days biggame fishing in the pacific at Quepos and for visiting the nationnal park Manuel Antonio.Tomorrow we have the landtransportation to the pacific.

10 November

The trip from San Josee to Quepos is beautifull. Exeptionnal landscapes – hills – rivers with crocodiles, etc. The trip took 4 hours. In Quepos we arrived at our hotel “ The Mariposa”. The hotel looks mediterian and food is by first impression OK.

But: we got 2 junior suites and those rooms  are on the third floor – 56 steps high by a small outside stair. The junior suites do not have a minibar, no television, no radio, no refrigirator and no table to write on… If we want some ice or something to drink, we have to make 102 steps up and down, and that some times in the rain…

OK we will try to make the best of it.After dinner, we can say that the chef is OK. Real good food. Oef….

vis costa rica 009

11 November

At 05H20 there is a fantastic sunrise. Red – gold –grey –dark, all the colours.

Our room has on 2 sides panoramic windows. It is the first time in my live that I can admire such a sunrise, and that lying in my bed.After a good breakfast we decide to visit the nationnal park. We take the services of   private ranger and visit the park for about 3 hours. The ranger has a swaroskytelescoop and with that instrument we can see a lot of hidden wildlive.

For the afternoon we decide to visit Quepos. There is a special shop for fishingmaterial and we want to buy some extra lures.( for use later on my sailboat.) Tomorrow we will start our fishing. We have chartered “ The  Precedent”, a 36 feet

Hatteras. In the shop we bought the lures. When the boss of the shop heard we were going to fish with the Precedent, he told us that this boat is some of the best. So – we are very hopefull…

12 November – first fishing day.

08H00 start.
09H15 lines out
10H00 strike – sail – hooked up but line brooken
10H15 dubbel strike mahi mahi. Bull and cow landed.

The bull is landed by Koen and weight 62 lbs. This is a new non official Belgian record. It is Koens first time and he is not yet member of an official club. For claiming  an official record, the fisherman has to be member of an official club…..

10H25 Yellowfin landed.
10H32 marlin raised
12H30 bonito landed
12H40 we start fishing with live bait.
13H00 amberjack landed
13H15 Bull mahi landed
13H25 Bul mahi landed
13H40 Cow mahi landed.
14H15 strike – hooked up- lost. Wahoo????
15H45 lines out the water.
17H00 back in the marina.

PS: concerning the hotel: after 3 days we have to say that the hotel, with exception of the  junior suite, is perfect. Bar – food – service.

vis costa rica 012

13 November

To-day we make a trip to the safari-lodge. 2 1/2 hours trough palmthrees- plantations and through the jungle. A lot of wildlive has been seen.Before returning , there was a tropical rain for 1 1/2 hour making the off-road track very difficult.A beautifull day.

14 november second fishingday.

07H35 start
09H05 lines out.
1H15 sail raised
12H05 marlin raised
13H10 a group of 3 sails raised -1 big sail landed and released.
16H45 Yellowfin landed
16H50 lines in
17H15 back in the marina – a fantastic sundown.

15 November


16 November  fishingday 3.

Today is a little windy and the sea is moving… We take the 80lbs equipment and big lures and we hope for a grander.

07H35 start

08H55 lines out
09H00 big sail landed and released
12H05 sail raised
12H15 sail raised
12H55 marlin raised
13H15 We change the 80lbs for sail-equipment.
15H10 Mahi Bull landed
15H50 sail – sancohos
16H00 sail raised.

To day we did not have luck. Andy, the owner of the boat , changed 100 times lures and teasers. He worked vey hard. The billfish was there but refused to bite…Why???? Sea was perfect – temperature was OK -  moonfase was OK….


vis costa rica 013

Total result:

-4 bulls mahi mahi landed, dont 1 non official record by Koen.
-2 cows mahi mahi landed.
-2 sailfish landed and released.
-2 Yellowfin landed.
-1 Amberjack landed
-1 Bonito landed.
-1 sail hooked up and broken.
-3 marlins raised.
-1 wahoo??? hooked up and broken.
-6 sails raised
-1 sail sancochos.

Moonfase: 2 à 4 days after new moon.
Weather: normal – end of rain period. 1 day to flat sea.
Boat:     9/10
Crew:     9/10
Equipment: 10/10  -  Never seen such a varity of lures  – such a lot of rods –    and so many reels.

Andre Huys.