Biggame fishing goes Costa Rica

Biggame fishing goes Costa Rica by Leon Pennings and Marcia Kuipers

In January 2007 a team of www.biggame-fishing went to Costa Rica. They planed to fish for only one day, so a lot of research was made before take of! The fishing would take place from Quepos and the boat would be chartered when we were there.

Famous in Costa Rica. Sloth from the national park Manuel Antonio

But destiny would change our fishing destination! We stayed in Samara and after breakfast we walked at the main road. There I saw a guy unloading his own fishing equipment. We made a little talk and he advised me and my wife Marcia to go to a man called Helios. This France man had build a nice fishing lodge and also had two 25ft walk-around. And he told us the fishing was great! We decided to check this out and after a nice drive we arrived at the Helios fishing lodge. It was a nice place with swimming pool and about 8 cabins to sleep. We spoke to the owner and at the 25th a boat was free for charter. We heard the fishing was indeed great. In the evening the other fisherman and woman came back from one day of trolling. Result one black marlin, one striped, and two sails and a mahi mahi. Further more they had a total of 8 marlin strikes!! So we had high hopes for the next day. We also heard the boats from Quepos fished the same area. They needed to made a 2 hour drive to fish and a two hour drive back because of the fact the fishing wasn’t that good in the Quepos area. We had made the right choice .

That evening I prepared the lures I brought with me, together with the captain. This guy Olivier fished all over the world. He explained the techniques he used the most and also told us about the good fishing with popper equipment. The pictures he showed us were great!

f2_Coq Bernard
Olivier (on the right) with a nice Roosterfish and one of his clients.

The next day we left at about 8 o’clock and after 10 minutes the lines went out! We directly saw some sails jumping! We fished with 4x 50 lbs stand-up rods. Two at the down-riggers and two used at the short right and short left. In the beginning we used 4 of my own lures which are hard cona heads. Olivier told me he preferred soft ones. So after two hours of trolling with no results we changed to soft cona heads rigged with a ballyhoo and only one hook. 10 minutes later we raised a striped marlin! He took the bait for about 10 meters or so but then let it go. The deckie started to tease him again but he lost interest. 30 minutes later a strike at the far right. The hook was set and I could start a fight with a nice striped marlin. After 15 minutes we released this beautiful 150lbs fish. Lines went back in again and the sea started the become more flat. The wind was falling and the sea really looked like a lake. Suddenly strike at the same rod again. This marlin chased the bait for a while but then disappeared. Baits were checked and refreshed. Then strike at the far left. The hook was set properly and Marcia could start her fight with this black marlin. In the beginning this fish really jumped liked greasy! After 15 minutes he came near the boat for the first time. When Olivier would grab the leader he went of like a mad man. The game of regaining line began and after 20 minutes he came near the boat for the second time. Same thing happened and Marcia started to get tired. So started to use words I can’t write down! But she managed to get this strong fish near the boat for the third time and now the leader was grabbed by Olivier and we made a nice picture from this 350lbs black marlin before releasing him or her. The fight took about one hour!

Foto 3: Marcia and Olivier with a 350lbs black marlin

Lines went back in again and now nothing happened for one hour . We saw the floating bows of long liner. So they also are trying to destroy these waters!? We heard Chinese fishermen build a big bridge and in return earned there fishing rights!? What a shame the government make such stupid deals!

Then strike at far right. A nice striped marlin had taken the bait and after a 20 minutes fight I could release a 130lbs marlin. Lines went back in again and we trolled for about 30 minutes or so when the right outrigger jumped out of clip! A huge marlin had grabbed my pink lure witch was rigged also with a ballyhoo. The line of the reel disappeared in no time before the whole thing snapped! Olivier told us he never saw such a strike in the 3 years of fishing in Costa Rica!! The deckie showed us the reel witch was almost smoking!

Black marlin released after a good fight!

We managed to raise two more marlin and one sail but we couldn’t get a hook-up. We went back and were really satisfied after a nice and exciting day of fishing in the nice waters of Costa Rica!!

Marcia fighting her 350 lbs black marlin

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