In January 2008 a team of www.biggame-fishing left for a nice holiday on the Island Aruba. They decided to do some fishing as well, only for one day.

Via the internet we booked the charter boat Kenny’s Toy.


During this period most of the charter boats would troll for Wahoo. Lots of them were caught when we saw the boats coming back from there trips. Down riggers were used together with some dead ballyhoo’s. This however was not we were intended to do. In 2003 I (Leon Pennings) had fished for 5 day’s at Bonaire and the only thing we caught were Wahoo’s. ( and one small blue marlin). Now we brought some good lures for our beloved marlins!


We left in the morning with our captain and only one deckie. The last one wasn’t feeling that well, he told us. We agreed to do some trolling for two hours for the Wahoo and after that we were going to the marlin grounds. No Wahoo after two hours, so down riggers were put in and we trolled four of my own lures. Two from the outriggers and two from the short flat. This were two of my favourite ones. “Gracie lures’’ in the colours pink and purple.

Nothing happened for 3 hours but then out of no were a blue marlin grabbed the “’ Gracie pink”’ at the short right. Nice run but our deckie was asleep and the marlin was gone. So the next 3 hours we were trolling our deckie hoping a great white would go for the kill!!

After all we had a very nice holiday. Great restaurant and sea food, sceneries and sunsets but for the fishing it wasn’t worth the effort! Only one strike in 8 hours.


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